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Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja is a system implemented by the Karnataka government to help beneficiaries of the Gruhalakshmi scheme track their application and payment.In this blog, we will discuss what Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi is, its features, eligibility criteria, required documents, the registration process, and how to check your application status.So let’s get started-

Features of Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi

Main features of the Mahiti Kanaja portal are :

• Track the status of a newly applied Gruhalakshmi application.

• View payment status for all past months.

Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi
Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi

Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja overview

Name of Scheme Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja
Launched by Government Of Karnataka
BeneficiariesWomen (Family Head) having BPL or APL Ration Cards
Benefit2000 Rs Per Month
Transfer MethodDirect Benefit Transfer (DBT)
Initiated OnAugust 2023
Last installment 7th
Amount Credit dateBefore 20th of each Month
Mode of status check Online
Official website

Eligibility of Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja

This system is for beneficiaries of the Gruhalakshmi scheme, a program likely meant to provide financial assistance to specific demographics in Karnataka.To find out if you’re eligible for the Gruhalakshmi scheme itself, you’ll need to consult the Karnataka government’s resources.


It’s not mentioned whether Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi requires separate registration.You might be registered automatically if you applied for the Gruhalakshmi scheme.

Documents required

The Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja program is a financial assistance scheme offered by the Karnataka state government to female heads of households.Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific set of documents required to apply since you aren’t technically applying for the program itself.Instead, the documents are used to verify your eligibility to receive the benefits.

Here’s what you’ll need to confirm your eligibility:

Aadhar card 

Proof of ration card with your name on it 

Bank account details linked to your Aadhar card


You may also be asked for a self-declaration form  depending on the category (Antyodaya, Below Poverty Line (BPL), Above Poverty Line (APL)) you fall under.

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Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja status check

Follow the Steps to Check Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi status :

• Visit the Karnataka government’s public information system website: Karnataka Public Information System:

Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi
Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi

• Look for the option related to “Gruhalakshmi Application Status” and click on it.

• You’ll likely be prompted to enter your ration card number.Submit that information.

• The portal should display your application and payment status details.

Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja
Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja

• If you can’t find the specific option or encounter any issues, it’s best to contact the Karnataka government department managing the Gruhalakshmi scheme for further guidance.


1. What is Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi?

Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi is a system that allows beneficiaries of the Gruhalakshmi scheme to track their application and payment status.

2. Who is eligible for Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi?

Beneficiaries of the Gruhalakshmi scheme are eligible to use Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi.

3. How do I register for Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi?

You may not need to register separately for Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi. If you have applied for the Gruhalakshmi scheme, you may be automatically registered.

4. How do I check my Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi status?

Visit the Karnataka Public Information System website, look for the “Gruhalakshmi Application Status” option, and enter your ration card number to view your status.

5. What if I encounter issues while using Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi?

Contact the Karnataka government department managing the Gruhalakshmi scheme for assistance.

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